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Land Title & Consultation

We can offer advice and strategic perspective in working through many aspects of negotiation and cooperation involving land ownership, land use, land development, real property transactions, and litigation, thanks to the diverse, extensive knowledge and experience JD Consultancy brings to bear in working collaboratively with my clients. JD Consultancy specializes in the creation of land title deeds, agreements, maps, and other public records documents. Even though we are not attorneys, surveyors, civil engineers, appraisers, or real estate brokers, we are familiar with many aspects of those professions.

We do not practice any of them but can contribute knowledgeably and effectively coordinate with professionals in those fields.
Whether the matter at hand is a contested real property issue such as a boundary determination, a determination of ownership, respective rights inland, or a comprehensive title examination, no one can do the job better.
JD Consultancy assists in preparing regulatory permit applications. We’ve helped resolve boundary disputes and advised landowners concerning disputed rights of access. We can assist you with complex actions to the title, pursuing or defending against adverse claims, and eliminating abstract legal obstacles to sales and development. We’ve worked to develop innovative problem-solving approaches to title insurance difficulties. We’ve sorted out challenging multiple ownership situations that less accomplished practitioners could not begin to unravel.

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