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N A Conversion

To construct any structure, it is mandatory to convert the agricultural land into non-agricultural land, otherwise, the law doesn’t permit you to construct any structure on such land.

Documents required for
  • Original x4 copies of the 7/12 or record or rights to the proposed lands.
  • 6-A mutation entry in the original x every 4 copies.
  • 8-A Khate Utara in the originals x every 4 copies.
  • All information about previous crops grown on the land
  • Letter of mutation (Fer-Far)
  • A land map from the appropriate authorities
  • Copies of the site plan and location plan
  • PMRDA NOC for NA permission
  • Consent from the person whose boundaries intersect with another survey number (if applicable).
  • Letter of authorization from Highway, PWD, or other authorities (if applicable)
  • Gram Panchayat or Municipal Council NOC
  • Certificate from talathi saying the land is not under acquisition
  • There are no co-op society dues on the land.
  • There are no co-op society dues on the land.
  • If the land is Miami, a copy of the permission from the competent authority
  • Receipt of the most recent tax payment
  • If the land comes under the Naveen shart provisions, then permission from the Divisional Commissioner
  • Gut book plan of the concerned land issued and certified by the district inspector of land records x 4 copies.
  • Certified measurement plan of the land survey from the district inspector of land records, x4 copies.
  • Layout plan showing internal roads, open spaces, etc. duly signed by the applicant and the architect, x 8 copies.
  • Registration certificate of the architect, x 2 copies.
  • 1 copy of the architect's appointment letter
  • Carry out a revenue search for at least 30 years in four sets.
  • Power of attorney for the constituted attorney is appointed by the landholders x 2 copies.
  • Right of way documents if the access road is obtained from adjoining owners x 2 copies
  • NA application in the prescribed form, 4 copies
  • N.O.C. from the local authority for land conversion x 2 copies
  • N.O.C. from the land acquisition department.
  • N.O.C. from the pollution control board for industrial NA
  • Authentic documents to prove the existence of an adequate water source.
  • Requirements for sewage, drainage, and disposal systems
  • Provisions for adequate infrastructure in the case of vast layouts.
  • "Sales permission" for tenanted lands under the layout.

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